Odour eliminator for a multitude of applications!

In many everyday situations we’re subjected to unwelcome odours that often linger in the air for a long time. Subconsciously, we therefore tend to avoid such places and situations. The good news: Skyvell neutralises bad odours in numerous areas:

Hospitality industry

Freshness for your well-being!

Malodour in the hotel room despite thorough cleaning? Was the no smoking policy ignored? With each application, Skyvell quickly and effectively eliminates bad odours on a molecular level, leaving a subtle, fresh scent. Your guest will feel comfortable and will be sure to come back.

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Elderly care

Dignity, pride and well-being are among everyone’s basic needs

Malodours caused by incontinence? Wound odours? With each application, Skyvell eliminates bad smells efficiently, fast and safely. This approach enhances the patients’ quality of life and upholds human dignity.

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Health care

Fresh air in the hospital room!

Malodour in a shared hospital room? Wound odours? Skyvell removes bad odours efficiently, fast and safely with the very first application. This enhances the patient’s quality of life.

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Automotive industry

Odour free cars!

How does one get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in the car? What do you do when the car seats smell bad? Skyvell helps fast and reliably as it provides fresh air after the very first application.

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VPS mini system

A powerful helper for natural odour elimination!

Does the hotel room smell bad? Did water damage cause malodour? The VPS mini system is the alternative to the common ozone generators and eliminates bad odours quickly and safely.

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