Health care

A fresh smell is beneficial for a speedy and full recovery!

Odours and scents affect our well-being more than we had thought possible. Malodours make us keep our distance, including from other people. When we feel comfortable somewhere, we want to stay longer. In the health care sector, bad odours occur regularly, caused by wounds and other bodily fluids. This often represents a challenge and difficult task for the nursing or cleaning staff in nursing homes, hospitals oder rehabilitation clinics. Skyvell is reliable as it quickly and safely eliminates bad odours. This approach helps to respect human dignity and enhance the patients’ quality of life.

The issue:

Constant and recurring odour from human waste and open wounds.

We have the solution:

Skyvell effectively and permanently eliminates odours through pH neutralisation on a molecular level and leaves a pleasant, subtle scent.

Your benefit:

The fact that nothing is completely clean until the bad smell is gone, goes for every environment. Skyvell makes a vital contribution by effectively eliminating bad odours of all kind and by ensuring that your patient feels comfortable.

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