Skyvell products

The Skyvell products are being produced and bottled in Austria for many years now. In order to make them available for a multitude of applications, Skyvell products are sold in 3 different formats and offer a natural solution for every unpleasant odour.

Skyvell Spray

for immediate and targeted odour elimination

Skyvell Spray removes malodours that linger in the air and on any surfaces. Spray it on furniture, sofas, curtains, wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment or treatment tables and eliminate any type of bad smells quickly and without leaving residues.

Available in: 100ml, 250ml and 1l Spray bottle, 5l Refill pack

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Skyvell Gel

solves malodour problems 24/7 and provides continuous freshness that lasts approximately 30 days

Skyvell Gel is applied in every environment where malodours occur all the time. The gel eliminates any type of bad smells in patient rooms, rehabilitation rooms, training or break rooms and in restrooms / toilets with a lasting effect.

Available in: 250g Can 250g Refill pack, 10kg Bucket

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Skyvell Multi Use

for the most stubborn malodours

Skyvell Multi Use for carpet cleaners, washing vacuum cleaners and as an additive for all kinds of textiles. It is the perfect solution for heavily utilised textiles that absorb odours. Thus, it works great on bed sheets and duvets, and from linen and clothing to carpets. It efficiently removes odours coming from faeces, vomit, urine, sweat, etc..

Available in: 100ml, 250ml and 1l Bottle

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Skyvell, where to use each product

A natural solution for every unpleasant odour

Odours lurk in any type of environment. Skyvell products can be used in various areas, even together with diverse cleaning detergents to eliminate particularly stubborn smells. Combine the Skyvell products and malodours will stand no chance.

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