Skyvell Multi Use

For carpet cleaners, washing vacuum cleaners and as a washing additive for all kinds of textiles

Skyvell Multi Use is the strongest of all the commercial products of the Skyvell family. When dealing with highly persistent odours in carpets, upholstery and other surfaces (floors, tiles, joints), Skyvell Multi Use takes care of the rest for you. Simply add the additive to the mopping water or put some in the washing machine as a washing additive. It also optimal for cleaning with industrial equipment (like a carpet cleaning machine). Persistent odours such as urine, mouldy smell, smoke, garbage, paint, food, etc., will disappear completely. Skyvell takes effect during the very first application by fully eliminating the odour.


– 100ml
– 250ml
– 1 litres
– 10 litres


Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet